HERBAL HAIR OIL - Traditional method - HOMEMADE
HERBAL HAIR OIL - Traditional method - HOMEMADE

HERBAL HAIR OIL - Traditional method - HOMEMADE

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Smartika Herbal Hair oil is prepared at home with the utmost care, in a traditional method using our Grandma’s unique recipe.  Herbal hair oil is a blend of Natural Cold Pressed Oils infused with rich nutrients of aromatic herbs. Our signature herbal hair oil is made from natural ingredients and packs the goodness of:

  Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil    Amla    Methi seed  

  Hibiscus   Curry leaves    Karisalankanni ❖  

  Other herbs  

Getting the OIL & HERBS at work

Herbs are ground to a paste and flattened out into circular patties.  These patties are then dried in shade for a week or until completely dry.  They are then added to the oil and carefully boiled to rich concentrate at appropriate temperature and filtered.

Magic of Smartika Herbal Hair Oil

Our hair is made up of pure protein and requires regular replenishment. Smartika herbal hair oil provides necessary nourishments to the hair as well as to the scalp making them stronger and healthier.  

  Prevents hair fall    Promote hair growth    

  Improve scalp blood circulation    Prevent/Control Dandruff    Add volume to hair shaft   

  Prevent early greying    


Step1 - Warm the oil

Take required amount of Herbal hair oil in a vessel and heat it slightly Warm oil helps penetrate pores easily. Make sure that its not too hot.

Step 2 – Apply on scalp

Use a clean cotton pad to take a liberal amount of oil and gently pat all over the scalp.

Step 3 – Gently massage

Give a gentle massage with fingers to get best result for a few minutes and ensure all hair shafts are covered.

Step 4 – Repeat Step-1, 2 & 3 thrice a week

Caution Reduce the frequency of usage if you intend to use it in cold climates as herbal hair oils tend to cool down your body.