About us

Established in 2014, Smartika, a brand built on Tradition &Trust is a home run business started for the sole reason of reviving traditional food and cooking supplements.   Smartika means "Traditional or In a traditional method" in Sanskrit and we want to truly stand by the great values embedded in our culture and tradition.

"Unave Marundhu" is a famous Tamil axiom that means "If chosen well, one's food could be his medicine".  In resonation of this great saying, we at Smartika strongly believe that healthy eating is the start of well being.

We specialize in Cold pressed cooking oils, Home made masalas, podis and Herbal beauty products. 

Our products are

  • Hand-picked for your inner well-being as well as outer well-being
  • Home made or prepared using traditional methods
  • 100% chemical free & preservative free
  • Made with premium quality ingredients
  • Retain the rich nutrients naturally available in the ingredients
  • Contain No artificial colors or flavors

Our products are either homemade by family members or sourced from our carefully selected partners, in both cases we put quality first.  

Smartika Guarantee - We, personally have been using all our products for several years which we regard as the best form of assessment.

Try our selection of,

Cold pressed cooking oils - Gingelly (Til) Oil, Groundnut (Peanut) Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil - Chemical free, traditionally prepared in wooden mortar (chekku), retains rich nutrients.


Home Made Masalas, Podis & Curry Seasoning - Premium quality, Preservative free

Garam Masala, Crunchy Idli Podi, Onion Vadagam, Super Herb Rice Mix


Pure Hill Honey & Naatu Sarkarai (Jaggery powder) - Mineral rich, Healthy alternate to chemically processed sugar


Herbal Beauty products - Face & Body Wash, Herbal-Shikakai Hair wash

100% Chemical free, Fortified with 35+ Herbs-Fruit Peels-Floral Petals


Founder:- Ms. Gayathri Sundar