Groundnut Oil - Cold Pressed / Chekku Oil

Groundnut Oil - Cold Pressed / Chekku Oil

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Smartika’s Cold Pressed Groundnut oil, also known as "Peanut oil" is mostly used in cooking.  Groundnut oil is rich in vitamin E, minerals and organic compounds.

It has a very safe balance of fatty acids that can boost your health in a variety of ways. Oil is extracted via traditional cold pressing in wooden chekku or vats to retain the rich nutrients and flavour. 

Its nutty scent and powerful aroma infuses with the ingredients while cooking.  With a high smoking point of 450 Degrees, it is a good choice for deep frying. 

Peanut oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids, like oleic acid, which increase the levels of “good cholesterol” called HDL in the blood.

This beneficial cholesterol actually helps to scrape off and reduce bad cholesterol (LDL).  The vitamin E in ground nut oil fights free radicals, which can otherwise could be harmful.

Topical application can offer anti-aging benefits.

  • Protects from the effects of free radicals that cause wrinkles, blemishes, and other signs of premature aging.
  • Vitamin E in peanut oil keeps your skin looking young and healthy as you get older.


  • The antioxidants in peanut oil treat dandruff, and in some cases.
  • Moisturizing properties of peanut oil does not allow scalp to dry up and keeps hair silky.
    NoteAlthough the types of fatty acids in peanut oil are generally beneficial, they are only healthy in moderate amountsSome people may be allergic to peanuts, so it is always advisable to check on it before using.  Remember, they are still technically fats, and are, therefore, high in calories.