Gingelly Oil - Cold Pressed / Chekku Oil

Gingelly Oil - Cold Pressed / Chekku Oil

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Gingelly oil, often referred as QUEEN OF OILS is extracted through the traditional cold-press method using "WOODEN CHEKKU (VATS)".  This process retains healthy antioxidants that are otherwise damaged when exposed to high pressure extraction (aka extrusion) generally used in the process of refined oils.  The sesame seeds are extracted with jaggery to enhance the goodness.



Sesame oil is rich in vitamins such as vitamin E and vitamin K (source: USDA), zinc & copper.  Tamil tradition advocates regular use of sesame oil & sesame balls made of jaggery for teenage girls to strengthen the uterus and as an iron supplement.  It is widely used in South Indian cuisine for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

With a significant percentage of copper in sesame oil, your body is sure to get the right amount of blood flowing to the organs and tissues, ensuring a healthier lifestyle.  

In some countries, sesame oil is used for its medicinal values.


The bioactive components of sesame oil helps retain the natural hair color and minimize hair loss.

The anti-bacterial properties of gingelly oil helps eliminate the pathogens or foreign bodies that can attack your scalp or hair.


Gingelly oil is rich in zinc an important mineral for your skin health.

Increase skin elasticity, smoothness and reduce oxidative stress, thereby helping reduce the appearance of age spots.


Sesame oil is able to lower bad cholesterol levels, as it contains a wide range of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including sesamol and sesamin.

These fatty acids keep the cardiovascular system strong and the LDL cholesterol levels low, thereby preventing atherosclerosis.

This means that you are better protected from heart attack and stroke if you add sesame oil to your diet.


  • Copper and calcium present in sesame seeds increase the rate of bone growth and development.
  • Provides pain relief from Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis and various age-related weaknesses in the bones.


A contemporary practice of oil-pulling is known to provide several dental and skin related benefits. Oil pulling involves taking a half-mouth full of gingelly oil and then swishing it around for about 5-10 minutes, before spitting it out.

The powerful anti-bacterial effect of this oil is the main reason for this boost in dental health.