MangoZing- Till Box-20s Pack
MangoZing- Till Box-20s Pack

MangoZing- Till Box-20s Pack

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Mango Zing is a ready-to-eat snack (fruit bar) that comes with loads of fun and a blast of flavors - Sweet, Tangy & Spicy - All in one. 100% natural, made from real fruits.

A snack that you will fall in love with the first bite!
You won't stop with one.
  • Raw Mango based snack with an explosion of flavors – Sweet, Tangy & Spicy
  • Fun-filled snack for all occasions - Ideal for all age groups
  • Trendy & Healthy snack – Perfect gift for your loved ones
  • Contains Real Juicy Fruit bits – Made from real mangoes
  • Hand-picked Grandma’s recipe  - Helps with digestion in the most natural way
  • All Good – Pure vegan; 100% Natural
  • No Bad – No preservatives or Chemicals; No artificial colours or flavours;
  • Made in India

Tangy & fiery chews with grated mango bits ... it is a Mango-ZingGirl thing!  

Journey of making a magical snack

Did you know that Ezhanda vada(i), had a new sister who visits town only during SUMMER?  It is MAANGA VADA, Smartika’s original recipe. Ezhanda vada(i) is a patty made from jujube fruit, a sweet & tangy snack, and is very famous in the interiors of Tamilnadu.  If you are a fan of mangoes as well as ezhanda vada(i), you will instantly fall in love with this one.

Smartika’s Mango-Zing, Maanga Vada is 100% natural and locally made healthy snack, loaded with the goodness of RAW MANGO infused with right ratios of sweetness & saltiness and fortified with natural minerals.   Smartika’s Mango-Zing contains no preservatives, chemicals or artificial colors & flavors.

MAANGA VADA is a ready-to-eat snack prepared with grated raw mangoes, Himalayan salt, freshly ground chili powder, asafoetida and sugar.

Invention of a devine-yummy sweet, tangy & spicy snack - Mango Zing

As the proverb goes, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions” there is an interesting story behind the invention of Smartika’s Mango-Zing.  Like many of the folks in my village Elampillai, near Salem district, my grandmother too was a die-hard fan of ezhanda vada(i). She used to prepare these lip-smacking delicacy by herself, at home for decades, purchasing jujube fruits from the local market.

Two years ago, post return from her pilgrimage to Kasi, in line with the Hindu belief that one should give up on something that is close to one’s heart after Kasi yathra, my grandmother chose to give up on ezhanda vada(i). A seemingly easy task, initially.  As an unfortunate twist of fate, the “tangy snack” did not give up on her and soon started haunting her in her dreams, during her visit to the markets, people by her side savoring ezhanda vada(i), etc. But there was no going back on her “sacred vow”. She had to find something that will re-instate her inner calm and restore peace.

As it is the case for all mortals, the insatiable desire for this tangy-snack ezhanda vada(i), set her on the search for a killer-recipe, that would shadow her craving for ezhanda vada(i).  Over many months she kept herself busy, trying out several recipes with various fruits, vegetables, spices that were within her reach.

Last summer, as she was rejoicing fresh cut tangy mangoes at her home, the strong tangy mango flavors were shuttling as signals between her nerve buds in the tongue to her brain and suddenly a flash of light illuminated her mind.  She instantly knew what would make ‘that’ killer recipe.

In a matter of weeks, my grandmother had perfected the recipe with the right ingredients to ensure a love-at-first-bite taste with loads of natural nutrients and a dash of love.

...... and the divine-yummy, Smartika’s Mango Zing was born!