Real queens fix each other's crown

“Real queens fix each other's crown"

Exemplifying the axiom,
Smartika is a home based entrepreneurship venture run by a team of motivated women with a common goal of revitalizing traditional food products in this fast- paced smart world.

We started it by sharing with our neighbors and close friends, our own kitchen products like cold pressed oils, ghee and masalas. Through social media we got a better reach to customers who were looking out for quality home style supplements. Our happy and satisfied customers elevated our venture to better levels through word of mouth.

We branded our products with a name and a label and featured them in many super markets which earned us a large customer base.

Today, we cater the needs of 2000+ customers with high quality homemade masalas, podis, cold pressed oils, ghee and beauty products.

All this was possible when we women recognized the power within us, burned the fears that hindered us and supported each other to unleash our best.

We cook, we label, we write and market, we draw and design. We have differences as well. But we stay together and do everything and anything that would help each other.

I believe that a woman always amplifies whatever is given to her. With right guidance, sufficient opportunities and strong motivation, she can achieve more than what she had ever dreamt of. But all this would happen only when we get together, stay united and work as a whole.

Smartika is on the way to get bigger, providing a platform to all those women who want to showcase their skills, stay financially independent and above all, be themselves.

Finally, on women’s day, I take the opportunity to thank every queen who has been a part of Smartika, nurturing it right from infancy to the place we are right now.

Once again, a hearty thanks to all our supporters without whom this would have been impossible.

Happy women’s day!

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