Thalippu Vengaya Vadagam - Homemade  (Sun-dried Onion Seasoning)

Thalippu Vengaya Vadagam - Homemade (Sun-dried Onion Seasoning)

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Smartika Thalippu Vengaya Vadagam (sun-dried onion seasoning balls) is a home-made specialty from the house of Smartika.  This traditional, authentic recipe is applied only during a specific season of the year to get the best of the flavor, taste and aroma.  As these are sun-dried, they can be used for more than a year.

From procurement of ingredients through the packaging of the final product, it is a 20-day process in which e ingredient goes through specific treatments before they are brought together to form a sticky granular mix, which is then rolled into balls and then sun-dried for about 10 days.  Strong flavor comes from the main ingredient, shallots (pearl onions) which are hand-pounded in stone mortars.

Smartika vadagams are prepared with great care under safe & hygienic conditions with premium quality ingredients to achieve Smartika guarantee.

These sun-dried black seasoning balls used in Tamilnadu to prepare curries like sambar, kootu, porial, kara-kuzhambu, rasam, chutney, etc.  Adding a half-teaspoon of vadagam as seasoning gives a unique flavor to the dish.  

Smartika onion vadagam is a great compliment to non-vegetarian recipes like Mutton / Chicken / Fish / Egg curry and chicken/mutton chukka etc.  In fact, there are delicacies that have gained fame because of this ‘secret’ ingredient around Salem district.  

Ingredients Used:   

 Pearl Onions    Garlic    Mustard Seeds    Fenugreek seeds

 Cumin seeds  Turmeric powder    Urad Dhal

 Channa Dhal    Curry Leaves    Iodised salt    Gingelly Oil    Food Grade Castor Oil

How to use?

For about 1 kilogram of meat add a small amount, say the size of a shallot an elevating the dish.  Add vadagam while sautéing the meat in the beginning.

Or, give your regular curries or veggies a makeover with a dash of our vadagam.

Storage Tips

As vadagams have salt content in them, it is advisable not to store in silver containers.  Vadagam stays best when stored in mud/earthen pots or glassware